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To make the most of your visit to Amman, you'll need a sense of adventure and a set of wheels. Let Payless Car Rental help you out with a great deal on an Amman car rental that won't cost you an arm and a leg. Our staff will match you up with the best vehicle for your vacation needs from our vast selection of quality discount rental cars.

Exploring Amman

If you can only bring one thing with you on your trip to Amman, make sure it's your appetite. The local cuisine, praised by The New York Times, is made from the freshest ingredients and ancient recipes in the region. Try The Auberge in downtown Amman for a tasty Jordanian lunch of mashewy and hummus. For dinner, grab a balcony table at Zorba and enjoy a traditional dish of mezze while you watch the hustle and bustle down on Basman Street.

The rich history of Jordan and the Middle East can be most appreciated at one of Amman's world-class museums. At the Jordan Archeological Museum, you can see priceless artifacts dating from prehistoric times through to the 15th century. Among the amazing pieces are the Ain Ghazal statues, some of the oldest effigies mankind has ever made. After that, hop over to the Jordan Museum to marvel at the actual Dead Sea Scrolls.

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