Pay Now

Save up to 20% when you use Pay Now.

Payless Pay Now pre-payment deal in a nutshell.

Pre-pay your rental when you make your reservation and you'll save up to 20% off the Payless counter rate. Pay Now rates are a great way to get a great deal on your next Payless rental.

A few important Pay Now details.

  • Look for the special Pay Now and Save button when choosing your car type.
  • There is a cancellation fee - please see Cancellation Policy below
  • Pay Now rates are only available if you reserve more than one day in advance
  • You must bring the same credit card with you to pick up the car
  • The person paying must be the same person who is renting
  • The Payless Pay Now discount may not be available on all rental cars

Another pre-payment option.

What if the car you want doesn't have a Pay Now discount rate? You can still enjoy the convenience of pre-paying just by clicking "pay online" when making your reservation. It won't get you a bigger discount, but it's a convenience Payless customers still prefer.

Book and pay online early to save.

If you decide to pay online, try to do it early - Payless online payment only works if you're booking more than 24 hours before you pick up your car.

Book now to get the best deal on your Payless rental

Pay Now Terms & Conditions